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Combo 3 roues - Tout pour améliorer son anglais

Référence : 9781989609415

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La roue des verbes anglais

Conjugating verbs has never been easier or more fun!

Spin the wheel, point the arrow to a verb and see how it’s conjugated in every tense!

  • 184 irregular verbs
    (92 on each side)
  • Concrete examples for using each tense, plus detailed explanations
  • Verbs in the infinitive and explanations are translated in French

Bilingual Version: Designed for French speakers learning English

La roue des synonymes et antonymes anglais

Enrich your English vocabulary!

Quickly find English synonyms and antonyms for more than 150 frequently used French words.

Example: Point the arrow to the word “facile” and you’ll see:

  • English synonyms: easy, simple
  • English antonyms: hard, difficult
  • French antonym (for reference): difficile

Designed for French speakers learning English

English Adjectives, Adverbs and Nouns Wheel

English as a second language : a simple tool to learn choosing the right word! 

Spin the wheel to extend your English vocabulary and learn more than 430 words!

Master when and how to use English adjectives and their different forms and variations : 

  • Comparative adjectives 
  • Superlative adjectives 
  • Adjectives formed from a noun
  • Antonyms